About Us

The ever increasing need for well managed and marketed holiday homes brought this team together to serve owners and holiday tenants on a superior level of quality and commitment.

Our team consists of three uber trustworthy and high-profile business women with excellent skills in decorating, organising, management and marketing.

Karen Viljoen has featured in major Lifestyle magazines and articles with her exquisite taste for interior decorating and her unsurpassed eye for detail. Her uncompromising perfectionism and high energy levels earns her respect in everything she does.

Marlene Kitching is known in several fields as an owner of multiple successful businesses Her managerial skills are sought after and she is a huge asset to everyone she is involved with on any level.

Liza Botha's internet marketing, website design, SEO integration and social media prowess has been well known for many years. Apart from an extensive social media following, one of her endeavours, NosyRosy.co.za's website, newsletters and digital magazines, have been informing people worldwide for more than 11 years and keep expanding.

Karen Viljoen

Marlene Kitching

Liza Botha